Electric Vehicles

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U.S. Transportation Policy Leaves Rural Communities Behind

U.S. lawmakers can invest in small towns to reduce emissions with strategies drawing inspiration from bustling town centres, EV programs, and even a South Korean taxi service for rural seniors. But so far, their funding decisions are leaving those communities behind.

Safety Inspections Begin after ‘Overheating Incident’ Takes World’s Biggest Battery Offline

The owner of the world’s biggest grid battery, the 400-megawatt/1600-megawatt-hour Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility south of San Francisco, ordered an investigation earlier this month after an “overheating incident” took 300 MW of storage capacity offline, even though nothing caught fire.

U.S. Solar Confronts ‘Incredible Challenge’ as Biden Pledges Tenfold Growth by 2050

U.S. President Joe Biden unveiled plans last week to boost solar energy from four to 45% of his country’s electricity supply by 2050, although the details of the White House roadmap will be up to members of Congress to decide.

U.S. Battery Storage Poised for Tenfold Growth by 2023

A new report shows that battery storage is poised for a 10-year “growth spurt,” with potential for U.S. government policy to push the industry’s expansion even further.

Efficient Material Use by Homebuilders Could Cut Emissions by 52 Billion Tonnes

In a first-ever study, an international team of industrial ecologists has determined that reducing material use in building construction could lower production emissions by 22 to 61% by 2050.

#Elxn44 BREAKING: Trudeau Campaign Announcement Means End of Oil and Gas Expansion

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s promise yesterday to cap oil and gas sector emissions at today’s levels and set five-year targets to reduce them beginning in 2025 amounts to the end of fossil fuel expansion in Canada, the country’s leading climate advocacy network told The Energy Mix Sunday evening.

Average Canadian Vehicle Size Rises 25% as Automakers Double Down on Trucks, SUV’s

Despite the popularity of electric vehicles, Canadian forecasts show no slowing of production for combustion-engine trucks and SUVs, leading environmental organizations to call for tighter federal regulations on automakers.

#Elxn44: Canada Needs National Vision to Double Clean Electricity Supply: Radwanski

With the climate crisis and the shift to a green economy taking their place as a top-tier issue in the federal election, Canada must double its supply of clean electricity or squander the advantage of a power generation system that is already mostly carbon-free, Globe and Mail climate specialist Adam Radwanski warns in a column this week.

Swedish Venture Delivers First Commercial Shipment of Fossil-Free Steel

Swedish venture Hybrit (Hydrogen Breakthrough Ironmaking Technology) says it has supplied Volvo with the world’s first customer delivery of “green steel,” pointing the way for the auto industry’s transition to a fossil-free value chain.

Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Closure Could Be Model for California’s Energy Future

A proposal to close California’s Aliso Canyon underground storage facility—one of the United States’ largest natural gas storage fields—could be a model for the state’s broader energy transition: as either a positive lesson or a learning experience.

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