Job Description: Community Engagement Manager

The Opportunity:

Are you ready to lead campaigns that speed up the transition to a low-carbon future? The Energy Mix’s first Community Engagement Manager might be the perfect job for you!

In this leadership role, your strategic vision and creative outreach will help connect key decision-makers and our growing audience with crucial climate and energy information that will directly help them quicken the shift away from carbon across the country.

If you’re passionate about community building, inspiring change, and shaping a sustainable future, this is your chance to lead the charge.

Salary & Perks:

  • $64,800 annual salary.
  • Full-time, 32-40 hours per week.
  • Fully remote work with a passionate, dynamic and mutually supportive team.
  • Two weeks paid vacation per year.

Who We Are:

The Energy Mix is a Canadian non-profit publication that helps people make sense of the most important developments on climate change, energy, and the shift away from carbon. Through our website and e-digest series, original reporting, and community research, we simplify the complex climate landscape for concerned individuals, communities, and decision-makers.

Where You’ll Come In (job overview):

We’re seeking a curious and bold individual who thrives on experimentation and will leave no stone unturned as we explore new ways to connect leaders with transformative information.

You will help manage and enhance The Energy Mix’s outreach to new and existing audiences, especially decision-makers in key sectors like cities, communities, utility generation, and climate finance.

Within our audience and marketing team, you will provide leadership that fosters an environment of cooperation and collaboration. As a part of The Energy Mix’s team, you will occasionally provide capacity support and advisory oversight in overlapping priorities such as the Green Resilience Project.

Required Skills (applicants should demonstrate the following):

  • Strategic Thinking: The ability to think strategically about outreach and community-building projects, ensuring they align with the organization’s goals and the needs of targeted audiences.
  • Leadership Skills: Strong leadership skills and experience in team management, enabling collaborative guidance within the audience and marketing team.
  • Content Marketing Proficiency: Proficiency in content marketing, development or publishing, coupled with a deep understanding of strategic communications or brand strategy.
  • Outreach Leadership: Confidence in designing and leading non-partisan outreach campaigns that drive change based on connection, listening, engagement, and partnership building.
  • Relevant Sector Knowledge: Understanding of the public and private sectors, civil society organizations, and the intricate networks that drive climate action, enabling effective partnership development.

Useful Experience (applicants will benefit if they showcase the following):

  • Demonstrated experience in copywriting experience through reporting, research, grant writing, or report writing.
  • Familiarity with community engagement and stakeholder relations.
  • Knowledge of the public and private sector and civil society organizations.
  • Bilingual or multilingual ability is appreciated but not mandatory.
  • Strong networking and professional relationship-building skills.
  • Multimedia development in videos, podcasts, graphic design, and web content.
  • Proficiency in digital marketing strategies or running diverse outreach campaigns.
  • Facilitation skills in hosting workshops, focus groups or community discussions.
  • Business development experience.
  • Measurement and evaluation experience.

Your Responsibilities (noted by relevant levels of importance):

Team Leadership (20% of work time):

  • Integrate into the audience team, understanding their processes and challenges.
  • Oversee team operations by setting priorities and objectives.
  • Facilitate cooperation, communication, and collaboration within the audience team.
  • Assist in delegating tasks and maintaining ongoing priorities.
  • Gradually build the team as needs dictate and resources permit.

Content Strategy (40% of work time):

  • Take a leadership role in distributing curated climate and energy content.
  • Build stakeholder relationships in target areas to promote low-carbon solutions.
  • Grow audiences and partnerships, ensuring quality information reaches identified target areas.
  • Develop social media strategy and provide drafting and publishing support.

Audience Engagement (40% of work time):

  • Lead efforts to identify and connect with influential audiences in target areas.
  • Become an expert in our existing audiences and assess which groups and platforms to target.
  • Innovate and experiment with methods to reach target audiences effectively.
  • Create databases, audience profiles, and impact measurement systems.

Measurement and Evaluation of Success

Expectations: This is more than counting views or clicks; it’s about gauging real-world impact and continuously refining strategies to maximize our effectiveness. This vital work will include:

  • Defining Success Metrics: Collaboratively establish innovative, measurable targets that encapsulate our mission in driving a low-carbon future.
  • Measuring Community Engagement Impact: Implement a dual approach to measure both the quantitative (views, user engagement) and qualitative outcomes (feedback from readers and decision-makers) of community engagement strategies.
  • Quantitative Metrics Analysis: Regularly track standard metrics to gauge audience development and relate these insights to our impact goals.
  • Tangible Change Assessment: Identify and deliver practical measures, which may include case studies, policy tracking, and decision-maker feedback, to evaluate the real-world impact of The Energy Mix’s content and engagement strategies.
  • Utilizing Measurement Tools: Employ a variety of quantitative tools like Google Analytics and CRM software for comprehensive metric analysis, as well as qualitative tools like surveys and interviews to understand audience needs and responses to engagement while staying open to new technologies for deeper insights.
  • Strategic Reporting and Adjustment: Continuously review metrics, report findings, and adapt strategies to enhance the effectiveness of engagement efforts.

Our proposition to you:

Join a passionate, dynamic, and tightly-knit team who are inspired by a shared mission and ready to provide you with all the tools, support, and room for growth you need to thrive and make a significant impact in the fight against climate change.

Diversity and Inclusion:

The Energy Mix actively encourages applications from individuals belonging to historically marginalized or excluded groups, including but not limited to Indigenous peoples, racial minorities, LGBTQ+ individuals, people with disabilities, and those from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. We value your unique perspective and experiences which are integral to our mission of driving positive change.

How to apply:

To apply for the position, please complete this form which will include a few short questions and a submission portal for your resume and cover letter. If you have any questions or issues, email