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Utilities are seeing the basic structure of their industry disrupted from the ground up, while dealing with an uptick in severe weather and ambitious deadlines to increase supply. The solutions are out there, but they’ll need information, expertise, and new regulatory structures to hit their targets.

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2 days ago

It was “everyone against the utilities” in California earlier this month as the push to secure a new payment structure for community solar entered its final stretch, carrying the potential to make the state a sector leader while reducing energy poverty and climate emissions.Read here 👉 loom.ly/K1MZGSs ... See MoreSee Less
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Electric vehicle #carshares such as Miocar are gaining traction in low-income and rural communities across the US as they aim to make sure that the shift to zero-emission vehicles does not leave social justice in the dust.
Read here 👉 https://loom.ly/DULrWPc

Urban thinkers in the US are beginning to look to mobile homes—what Canadians call manufactured housing—as a low-carbon response to a searing #AffordableHousing. And they’re looking to break down some unfair preconceptions along the way.
Read here 👉 https://loom.ly/V79SDs8

#Arizona kept the lights on through a summer of crushing heat, thanks to widespread buy-in to smart #thermostat programs that prompted customers to turn down their air conditioners when the grid was stressed.
Read here 👉 https://loom.ly/8uRFHhg

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