Clean Electricity Grid

Utilities are seeing the basic structure of their industry disrupted from the ground up, while dealing with an uptick in severe weather and ambitious deadlines to increase supply. The solutions are out there, but they’ll need information, expertise, and new regulatory structures to hit their targets.

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“These reports are vital reality checks of the #NuclearIndustry’s performance,” University of Antwerp energy expert Aviel Verbruggen.

“Every yearly report is a barrier against utopian fantasies and wishful thinking, a tool to connect with reality.”

“We need to get the money to families as quickly as possible, especially with winter coming,” said @JustinTrudeau

#Fiona #NovaScotia #Hurricane

“A small incentive targeting a select group of homeowners, disguised as an #EnergyEfficiency program, fails to make up for the #EfficiencyPrograms Premier #DougFord cancelled four years ago,” says @MikeSchreiner

#CDNpoli #ONpoli

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