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Cities have a hand in the majority of the world’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and face mounting challenges with climate adaptation and resilience. They’re also discovering how to deliver the connected, safe, friendly, green neighbourhoods that can get the climate emergency under control—when they have the resources to do the job.

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“#Local resiliency is crucial. If we depend on outside help, we’re not going to get it in three or four weeks or in months... So we need that self-reliance on an island,” said @steveogdenpei

@FCM_online #SustainableCommunitiesConference

How did a few visionaries get all the islanders onboard with an #EnergyTransition?

Inspiring trust in the collective and reminding residents of their personal stakes are key elements, said Søren Hermansen at @FCM_online's #SustainableCommunitiesConference

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