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A rapid shift off carbon won’t happen without funding, and it won’t all come from big institutions. Community climate finance is where small and medium investors, communities, local cleantech, practical innovation, and energy democracy join hands.

Community Climate Finance Opinion

by Mitchell Beer


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Mitchell Beer

Mitchell Beer

Climate and energy communicator, chief company strategist, audience development and content specialist. Rumoured to be a frighteningly fast writer. Curator of The Energy Mix, our thrice-weekly e-newsletter on climate, energy, and the shift to a post-carbon future.

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2 hours ago

#Hamilton, Ontario is poised to become one of Canada’s first municipalities to protect renters from dangerous heat waves as it develops a bylaw requiring landlords to install air conditioning in apartments to keep temperatures below 26°C.Read now 👉 mandating AC cannot be the only tool in a municipality’s heat adaptation toolbox, wrote Scott Stirrett, an Action Canada fellow with the Public Policy Forum, in a recent Globe and Mail op-ed. Installing mechanical cooling is “an alluring quick fix” that breeds many new challenges, argued Stirrett. ... See MoreSee Less
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“#Local resiliency is crucial. If we depend on outside help, we’re not going to get it in three or four weeks or in months... So we need that self-reliance on an island,” said @steveogdenpei

@FCM_online #SustainableCommunitiesConference

How did a few visionaries get all the islanders onboard with an #EnergyTransition?

Inspiring trust in the collective and reminding residents of their personal stakes are key elements, said Søren Hermansen at @FCM_online's #SustainableCommunitiesConference

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