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The Energy Mix is published by Energy Mix Productions Inc., a Canadian non-profit that promotes community awareness of, engagement in, and action on climate change, energy, and carbon-free solutions.

Each week, we scan 1,200 or more news headlines to find the groundbreaking, provocative, hopeful, or sobering stories that help you make sense of a complex, fast-moving issue.

Since May 2014, we’ve summarized the best of that material in a free, thrice-weekly e-digest that you can request direct to your email inbox. More recently, with the climate story getting bigger and wider by the day, we’ve begun compiling a longer selection of news headlines that follow all the major pieces of the climate and energy puzzle.

Then we archive all our stories on this indexed, searchable site.

We are a centring point—in functional terms, a rewrite desk—for the avalanche of climate news that appears every morning, making it easier track the most important stories and cut through the backlog on email and social media.

And we’re a bit of an experiment in new media, using a journalist’s commitment to facts and evidence as a tool to support a faster carbon-free transition.

We’re proud members of Climate Action Network-Canada, unlike a traditional news outlet that would stay one step removed from any news source.

We’re a part of the Online News Association, unlike a full-fledged environmental NGO that wouldn’t usually declare itself media.

Straddling that line has turned out to be a great vantage point to track a large, complex, global crisis, tell the story of the effort to solve it, and help readers find the best way to make a difference.


The Energy Mix is produced by:

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Mitchell Beer


Mitchell is The Energy Mix’s founder, lead content producer, curator, and researcher. He is rumoured to be a frighteningly fast writer, after working seven years as a journalist, with 30-plus as a commercial writer and 40-plus as a sustainable energy and climate specialist.

Passions: Energy and climate solutions, clear writing (from other writers), improv comedy.

Proud moment: Building a model wind turbine out of wooden stir sticks with his daughter when she was 11 years old. (Now studying architecture at Carleton University, she’s way beyond that.)

Favourite quote: “The plural of anecdote is not evidence.”

Climate action superpower: Imagining how “unusual suspects” can see themselves in a picture of a post-carbon future, then putting a foundation under the idea. Helping people balance climate anxiety with climate solutions, and vice versa.

Email: mitchell<@>smartershift.com

no attribution needed

Gaye Taylor

Senior Writer

Gaye recently signed on as senior writer for The Mix. She has been a climate activist for more than 10 years, often via the written word, and is a part-time English professor at the University of Ottawa.

Passions: Winter, oceans, poetry, and riding her bike.

Proudest moment: Watching her daughter, then age 10, speak before a crowd of 10,000 at the 100% Possible rally held on Parliament Hill in Ottawa in November 2015, a few days before the signing of the Paris Agreement.

Favourite quote: “Have courage, and be kind.”

Climate action superpower: Claims not to have climate action superpower.  Does carry a gorgeous, bright yellow umbrella that keeps out the rain and wind and doubles as a stick with which to (gently) whack climate deniers.


Muriel Vincent

Audience Development Manager

Muriel is the Audience Development Manager at The Energy Mix. She is an experienced environment and communications manager who is always on the lookout for innovative ways to communicate on the climate crisis.

Passions: Climate justice, listening to podcasts, writing.

Proudest moment: Moving across the world (not once, but twice!) by herself. 

Climate action superpower: Using strategic communications whenever she can to bring awareness to the ways institutions and individuals can divest from fossil fuels.


Melissa Edwards

Copy Editor

Melissa is a copy editor for The Energy Mix. She has worked in editing and publishing for nearly 25 years, and has been engaged with climate action since she was a teen volunteer helping to launch and run her high school’s first paper recycling program in 1987.

Passions: Human rights, sustainable living, language, feminism, and being outdoors.

Proud moment: Taking her first multi-day kayak trip in Desolation Sound, and handling big chop with aplomb.

Climate action superpower: Learning, adapting, and understanding how small daily decisions can add up to positive change.


Nicole Magas

Editorial and Marketing Assistant

Nicole is an Editorial and Marketing Assistant at The Energy Mix. She holds a BA in sociology and has over three years of experience in media and editing. With interests in public health and economic justice, Nicole firmly believes that the path forward on climate action must include the voices and needs of those at the margins.

Passions: Social justice, public health, storytelling.

Proudest moment: Landing her first successful second-language joke in Japanese.

Climate action superpower: Intersectional analysis of the diverse and divergent interests of those affected by the climate crisis and climate action.

no attribution needed

Eric Lukazewski


Eric is the digital manager of The Energy Mix, including the website and e-digest. He has 20 years of experience in branding, graphic design, web development and email marketing communication.

Passions: Baseball, art, music and whiskey.

Proudest moment: Marrying his wife, Sarah.

Climate action superpower: Exploring the environmental impacts of animal agriculture and promoting vegetarian/vegan alternatives.


Chris Bonasia

Editorial Intern

Chris recently joined The Energy Mix as an Editorial Intern. He has several years’ experience sustainably raising livestock and works to make the policy process more accessible to farmers.

Passions: Canoeing, history.

Proudest moment: Becoming a father.

Climate action superpower: Grazing sheep in pasture-based systems to sequester carbon in soils.


Robbie DeLorenzo

Audience Development Intern

Robbie is the Audience Development Intern at The Energy Mix. He’s worked as a writer and podcaster and recently finished an internship in communications and marketing at Ottawa Good Food Box and Social Harvest.

Passions: Sports, movies, and music.

Proudest moment: Participating in a charity soccer tournament.

Climate action superpower: Using communications techniques to bring more alertness to the world’s climate problem.


Bill Eggertson

Freelance Writer and Analyst

Bill has written about renewable energies and climate in Canada and abroad since 1985.

Passions: Demonstrating how NetZeroPlus is the key to sustainability and how easy it is to achieve.

Proudest moment: Renovating his former home into the top 20 energy-efficient homes in Canada.

Climate action superpower: Obviously none, because I have not yet changed the world.

Our Board of Directors is:


Shelley Kath

Shelley Kath is an attorney, strategic advisor, and research specialist with 25 years’ experience in Canada and the United States. A frequent focus of her work has been the impacts of fossil fuel infrastructure (pipeline, rail, and port facilities), hydroelectric dams, and energy imports and exports on the environment, communities, First Nations, and other Indigenous organizations. She has analyzed proposed legislation and policies for national and regional environmental NGOs and Indigenous organizations in Canada and the U.S., and authored/co-authored publications on pipeline safety, global environmental summits, and private international law. Shelley lives in Québec and is thankful every day that she moved to Canada from New York State many years ago.


Jen Lash

Jen Lash, Executive Director at the Sisu Institute, has worked on conservation issues in Canada for over 25 years. In her capacity at Sisu Institute, she works with First Nations and ENGOs to address climate change issues and promote the transition to a clean energy economy. Jen collaborates with partners across Canada to stop the development of fossil fuel infrastructure, implement climate policies that ensure Canada meets its Paris targets, and help shape new environmental legislation. Jen lives in British Columbia and is often joined on conference calls by her dog Juno.

no attribution needed

Mitchell Beer

Mitchell Beer is President of Energy Mix Productions. Check out the production team listing on this page for his capsule biography.


Here’s how we think The Energy Mix can help you out as a strategic resource. We’ll be happy to adapt the basic service to meet your specific content needs. As a first priority, we are actively looking for in-kind projects that can meet our mutual aims. However, if you have a larger or more in-depth project requirement, we’re happy to have that conversation, too.


Reposting/RSS: Staying up to date on current events and sharing news with your constituents takes time. The Energy Mix is already compiling important news and analysis on climate change and energy, and the whole point is to get that material out to the widest possible audience. We’re happy to share content about broad or specific topics to support your communications, outreach, and campaigning.

Content creation: Our editorial team has decades of experience in research, writing, and analysis on most aspects of climate change and the post-carbon transition. We can help with that important article, blog, or paper that is stuck on your “must-do” list.

Research/content packages: It can take hours or days of research to prepare key messages that are credible and compelling for proposals, campaigns, or other purposes. We can mine our archive (you can, too, if you have time) for important information and content packages to help you make a compelling case for faster, more decisive climate action.


Advertising: We have a limited number of spaces on The Energy Mix website and e-digest for partner organizations to post linked logos. You can reserve space to promote a special event, advertise a publication or campaign, or raise your organization’s overall profile.

Guest articles: Do you have newsworthy content to share? A campaign, research project, or case study in need of profile? Ask us for editorial guidelines for submitting a guest article to The Energy Mix.

Social media campaigns: We can include your campaign or announcement in our regular Twitter feed, and amplify it through our Facebook page.

Apart from dedicated content and research services that take more time than we can realistically volunteer, we aren’t interested in charging for any of these partnership options. We’re much more eager to share in-kind services  that help you meet your organization’s objectives while building our network. That could mean:

  • Sharing our content on your blog and social media channels.
  • Excerpting or republishing articles from The Energy Mix in your newsletter or other member communication—any story we publish is available free, with suitable credit and a link back to the original page.
  • Encouraging or helping your readers to subscribe to our digest (let’s talk about how this can benefit both of our organizations).
  • Featuring our linked logo on your website.
  • Linking to The Energy Mix on your blogroll.
  • Including us at your event, either in person, or as an in-kind sponsor.
  • Amplifying our social media content whenever it’s relevant to your audience.

Sound interesting? We’d love to discuss any of these ideas that can help us both get the job done! Let’s talk…


Our content is here to be used and shared. So please do! If you republish or summarize one of our stories, please include a credit line with a link back to the original story page.


If you see news happening, or want to submit a story or an idea, we want to hear from you. Each week, we scan more than 1,000 headlines to come up with our initial story lineup. From that wider pool of content, we distill the 36 summaries we write, and the 36 ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) headlines that fill out the digest.

Space limitations are one of the guiding realities for every edition of The Energy Mix.

We welcome ideas that:

  • Are substantive, not promotional
  • Address one or multiple aspects of the impacts and risks of climate change, the rise of renewable energy and other climate solutions, and the accelerating collapse of the fossil industries
  • Offer a balanced, evidence-based perspective on the pathways to a post-carbon future
  • Present an unexpected or offbeat aspect of an issue that is already in circulation

It shouldn’t have to be said, but we don’t accept content that denies the reality of climate change. If you try to go there, you can expect us to be terse in response. We’ll try not to mock you. (Maybe.)

You can submit a story idea in one of two ways:

  • If you see news that you think we should cover, just send us the link. We welcome, but don’t require, a cover note telling us why you think the story matters.
  • If you want us to publish your bylined story, please fill in the submission form.

If you have a story idea to submit, please observe the first rule of freelancing and use the submission form to send us a short query before you go to the trouble of writing the whole post. Your writing time is valuable, and we don’t want you putting hours into a story before giving us a chance to confirm whether we’ll consider it.

In the same spirit, we try to answer every unique query. But we don’t respond to pitches that are obviously form emails offering generic or promotional content that is not tailored to our site or our audience.

We rarely if ever have space for book reviews.

Sorry, but The Energy Mix is a non-profit publication with no budget to pay for outside content.

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