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Conservative Women Far More Likely Than Men to Support Green Transition, EcoAnalytics Research Finds

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The first of our EcoA Tips, a new monthly series in The Energy Mix,highlights a surprising bit of data from a major survey by EcoAnalytics, a non-profit market research initiative that uses data and analysis to strengthen Canada’s environmental movement.

The finding, from a national survey in the fall of 2020, showed a marked difference between women and men who back the federal Conservative Party in their support for a green and just recovery from the economic downturn of the COVID pandemic—government policies to tackle climate change and help workers and communities make the transition out of the oil and gas sector. 

No, we didn’t expect to see such a pronounced difference of opinion among right-leaning Canadians who are often characterized as hostile towards serious solutions to climate change, if not to environmental protection generally.

Other, more recent EcoAnalytics research suggests there may be surprising levels of cross-party support for serious environmental action in other areas, including protection of 50% of Canada’s land to restore biodiversity and tackle climate change, and a jobs and retraining package for the fossil industry work force.

This sort of research helps Canadian NGOs and others pinpoint some surprisingly receptive audiences and engage with them productively.

And it’s what EcoAnalytics does best. Since 2016, we’ve partnered with leading university researchers and top market research firms to generate shared intelligence that strengthens the arm of Canada’s environmental movement. Our members and subscribers include 14 of Canada’s most trusted and influential environmental NGOs, including the David Suzuki Foundation, Ecojustice, Greenpeace Canada, Environmental Defence Canada, Nature Canada, the Pembina Institute, and WWF.

Interested in learning more? Or in joining and gaining access to a steady stream of surprising and useful data and guidance? Check out our website. We’ll be glad to discuss an annual subscription that fits your budget and helps you or your agency engage most effectively with your audiences on some of the most pressing issues of the day.

James Boothroyd is Project Director of EcoAnalytics