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Letter from the Editor: Doubling Our Reader Community, Extending Our Reach

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We rarely make The Energy Mix the story when we send you our digest or post stories online. But today, we have a bunch of exciting news to share. This week, we are delighted to welcome four colleagues and thousands of new readers to our online community.

For years, we’ve admired, appreciated, and often republished the news and analysis that came our way from the UK-based Climate News Network. Now, as we told you in a special announcement earlier this week, we’re combining the Network with The Energy Mix and adding their audience to ours. We’ve integrated their impressive story archive with our website, and you’ll see the four veteran journalists who make up the Network—Alex Kirby, Tim Radford, Kieran Cooke, and Paul Brown—bring their experience, knowledge, and bylines to The Mix.

Boosting our impact to maximize our contribution in this crucial decade for climate action, is always the central goal of everything we do at The Energy Mix. This merger makes us a better, more effective source of content, analysis, and advocacy for faster, deeper carbon cuts. With an expanded readership and team, we can keep on building a platform that brings you the latest news on climate impacts, solutions, policy, and politics, and that gets it out farther and wider.

This is the latest in a series of changes that are transforming the way The Energy Mix operates.

We’ve confirmed initial backing for an investigative reporting fund that will help us deliver more essential, original stories, direct to your Inbox or social media feed.

With Muriel Vincent’s recent arrival as our amazing Audience Development Manager, we’ve been taking a close look at which parts of our coverage our readers find most useful, and how we can be a better conduit for that information.

Our editorial intern, Chris Bonasia, is producing smart, effective news reporting, while our audience intern, Robbie DeLorenzo, works hard to help extend the reach of the content we produce.

Meet Muriel, Chris, Robbie, and the rest of the team here.

And with the rollout of our new website—did you notice the new, streamlined site design a couple of months ago?—we’re offering a Pay What You Can subscription option for the first time. The content we produce has always been available free, and it always will be. But after years of calling ourselves an “extreme non-profit”, we know we can’t build The Mix into the news organization it needs to be without some modest but effective fundraising. If you like what we do and want to contribute, we hope you will.

With a new federal cabinet soon to be sworn in in Ottawa, a major new infrastructure package to be implemented in the United States, this year’s UN climate conference less than 1,000 hours away in Glasgow, and two more IPCC reports due by March, we expect no shortage of compelling, urgent, scary, hopeful climate news through the fall and winter. We’ll continue to be your leading source of news and analysis, always sending you the climate news you need.

Now even more so, with new colleagues onboard and more resources than we’ve ever had before.

And we’re so pleased that you’ll be right there beside us.

– Mitchell, for the whole, expanded Energy Mix team