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198-Foot Wind Turbine Blade Makes Sharp Right Turn—Just Barely (Video)

Anyone who has ever held their breath as they manoeuvered an ordinary car into a tight parking spot will have to admire the driving precision required to get a wind turbine blade two-thirds the length of an American football field around a sharp corner in Scotland.
This video of big-job transport company McFadyens making one of some 200 scheduled turbine blade deliveries to a wind farm under construction in the Scottish Highlands went viral.
No, you don’t want to do this at home. Yes, absolutely—the driver is a highly-trained professional.
(Pro tip: To figure out how this gets done, keep your eyes on the extended truck’s back wheels.)
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1 Comment To "198-Foot Wind Turbine Blade Makes Sharp Right Turn—Just Barely (Video)"

#1 Comment By Richard Prest On November 8, 2017 @ 4:23 PM

Do you know that there are companies who make bladeless turbines that can be installed in every back yard, the Tesla makes Photo Voltaic roofing tiles that are unbreakable, that they are testing roadways that create electricity as you drive and charges your car at the same time. there are so many renewable s that we should be careful not to start another renewable cartel. I like that we can make homes and cars that don’t need these monsters because they do kill a lot of birds. We are setting ourselves up for a cartel of renewable energy for a better way of description..