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New Canadian Campaign Calls for Better EV Access [Letter to MPs]

A high-powered collaboration between five national and regional organizations is urging the Canadian government to include a set-aside for electric cars its forthcoming Zero-Emissions Vehicle Strategy.

If Ottawa requires a set portion of all the vehicles sold in Canada to be electric, that will push automakers to make more EVs available for Canadian drivers to buy or lease,” states EV Choice, a joint effort by The Atmospheric Fund, Clean Energy Canada, Environmental Defence, Équiterre, and the Sustainable Transportation Action Research Team at Simon Fraser University.

“And research shows that when there are more EVs around to consider, more people will choose them.”

But “unfortunately, Canadians don’t yet have access to the full range of electric cars available in the United States—particularly those offered in California, where a law requires car companies to sell a minimum percentage of zero-emissions vehicles,” the group notes. “We just aren’t getting anywhere near the quantity and selection that our neighbours in the United States enjoy. That’s not right.

EV Choice’s new website includes a form to help visitors write to Members of Parliament and provincial/territorial transport and environment ministers, to “tell them you want the plan to include policies—like those used in California—that will significantly increase the supply of electric cars in Canada.