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Twitter Brag-Off Pits Danish Wind Against Icelandic Geothermal, Hydro

Nordic embassies in Canada took to social media earlier this week to tout their clean energy credentials, in a Twitter brag-off that focused on biking, wind energy, geothermal, hydro, overall greenness…and world peace.

@NorwayinCanada got things started with a tweet that highlighted its products at a sustainable northern development expo in Montreal. “#CoolNordicCanada is coming up. Who’s the coolest?” Norway asked, then challenged @SwedeninCan, @DenmarkinCanada, @FinlandinCanada, and @IcelandNatural to respond.

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We are soon driving under water. How Cool!?” Norway crowed, linking to a video of the country’s first floating underwater tunnel.

Cars?” replied Denmark. “#Copenhagen has more bikes than cars.”

Iceland replied that “.@DenmarkinCanada has wind, but 85% of our #energy comes from renewables like geothermal and hydro.”

Denmark came back with praise, and a twist. “Bravo! But we not only have #windmills, we break world records with wind energy.”

To which Finland encouraged Denmark to “keep on passing wind! We’re the greenest country,” linking to Yale University’s Environmental Performance Index and its listing of the world’s top-five sustainable countries.

Iceland broadened the scope, boasting that “.@FinlandinCanada tops literacy but 1 in 10 Icelanders will publish a book in their lifetime.” Finland hit back, asking Iceland if it was having trouble “to get readers for ur books? Everyone’s busy reading @Lonelyplanet #Finland #TOP10 travel country.”

From there, the brag-off turned to health, happiness, fresh fish, high-end restaurants, attention to food insecurity, music, and world peace.