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$34-Billion Rail Link Would Carry Bitumen Toward Alaska Tidewater

Larisa-K / Pixabay

A Calgary think tank is calling for a C$34-billion rail link from Fort McMurray, Alberta to Delta Junction, Alaska to carry tar sands/oil sands bitumen closer to tidewater.

The project, which would connect to a pipeline for transshipment to Valdez, would carry 1.5 million barrels of crude per day.

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The proposal was released by the Van Horne Institute, not The Beaverton or The Onion.

“The study indicates that this will be a railway built with safety as the paramount factor,” said President and CEO Peter Wallis. “The important factor here is that First Nations are engaged in this process.”

He added that the privately-funded project would “unlock a huge amount of mineralization,” including copper, gold, coal, and iron ore deposits, within 50 kilometres of the proposed corridor.