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A Central Canadian Carbon-Trading Bloc

Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger used the platform of the Paris climate summit to announce that his province would join Ontario and Quebec in creating a carbon emission cap-and-trade market covering two-thirds of Canada’s population.

bhumann34 / Pixabay

Quebec’s carbon-trading market is already operating as part of the Western Climate Initiative (WCI), a trading area that includes California, the first North American jurisdiction to establish permit trading for carbon emissions.

It was not immediately clear whether, or how quickly, the central Canadian carbon trading bloc would be fully integrated into the Western Climate Initiative. Manitoba’s premier did not indicate when his province’s market would be operational, but the province is already a member of the WCI. British Columbia is also a member of the WCI but has not initiated carbon permit trading.

Ontario is aiming to launch its market, linked to Quebec’s, in January 2017.

Manitoba’s government said that the three-party agreement is also expected to lead to initiatives harmonizing greenhouse-gas tracking, adapting to climate change impacts, and transitioning to a low-carbon economy.