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Quebec Announces $25.5M for Global Climate Action, $6M for LDCs


Flanked by ex-Governor General Michaëlle Jean and global climate campaigner Al Gore during the United Nations climate summit in Paris, Quebec Premier


announced $25.5 million in new funding “to support actions to fight climate change in Francophone countries that are the most vulnerable and most exposed” to climate change and its impacts.

“With this unprecedented support, Quebec is responding directly to an appeal by the United Nations to increase the international funding of climate actions in developing countries,” Couillard said. “Our government is proud to provide a tangible contribution and its expertise to benefit countries that are particularly affected by climate change. This is Quebec’s contribution to one of the major issues of international climate negotiations.”

The announcement included $6 million to the Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF), administered by the UN climate secretariat’s financing arm. The contribution means that “Quebec, as a federated state, is setting a precedent in international climate funding,” the Premier said.

Canadian climate organizations attending the UN summit reacted swiftly to the announcement.

“This is a major leap forward for a province that has a long history of climate leadership,” said the David Suzuki Foundation’s Ian Bruce. “Quebec’s willingness to act on climate change internationally, both in their cap-and-trade market with California and now through this financial commitment, should be a signal to the rest of the world that some provinces are showing leadership on climate change.”

“We appreciate this gesture of hope and solidarity,” added Équiterre’s Sidney Ribaux, noting that Quebec is leading the way as the first federated state to announce a global climate finance commitment.