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40-Year Study: No Pause in Global Warming


That famous ‘stall’ in global warming so popular with climate change skeptics and deniers? Never happened. That’s the conclusion (yet again) of a meta-analysis of 40 peer-reviewed studies published in Scientific Reports. The review found no evidence that global warming either stopped or paused 15 years ago.


“There has never been a pause in global warming unless you try to create one by looking at an insufficiently large number of data points,” said lead author Stephan Lewandowsky, a social scientist and professor of psychology at the University of Bristol in the U.K. “If you want to see a pause and you don’t understand statistics, and you want to mislead the public, then it is very easy to find a pause.”

The Bristol study is only the most recent of six papers published this year that have reached a similar conclusion. That repeated confirmation has left some scientists weary of having to repeatedly debunk the inaccurate claim, Inside Climate News reports. Other researchers say such studies remain important, because of continued climate denial and political controversy.