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U.S. Renewables Deliver 70% of New Capacity in First Half of 2015


Renewable energy delivered 69.75% of new electricity generation capacity in the United States for the first six months of this year, according to an infrastructure update from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

makunin / Pixabay

New wind installations accounted for nearly 2 GW (1,969 MW) of new capacity, followed by solar at 594 MW, biomass at 128 MW, geothermal steam at 45 MW, and hydropower at 21 MW. Natural gas contributed 1,173 MW.

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“FERC reported no new capacity for the year-to-date from oil or nuclear power and just 3 MW from one unit of coal,” EcoWatch reports. “Thus, new capacity from renewable energy sources during the first half of 2015 is 904 times greater than that from coal and more than double that from natural gas.”

In June, renewables represented 97% of new capacity, with wind developers installing 320 MW of new capacity in just one month.