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Clean Economy Alliance Promotes Climate Action in Ontario

More than 50 Ontario health, business, union, farm, environmental, and clean energy groups have formed a Clean Economy Alliance to press the provincial government for “leadership in tackling climate change and building a vibrant clean economy.”

Members of the Alliance, spearheaded by Toronto-based Environmental Defence, “have united in support of the Ontario government’s recent commitment to develop a climate change strategy and put a price on carbon,” states the organization’s website.

“Ontario should join with the many other jurisdictions around the world in putting a price on carbon. The province must also take complementary actions in other key sectors across Ontario’s economy including energy efficiency, renewable energy, climate friendly land-use planning, and low-carbon transportation.”

“We’ve already had a taste of the clean economy in Ontario,” writes Keith Brooks on the Environmental Defence blog. “The Green Energy Act (GEA) created 31,000 jobs at last count.” Now, the province is ready to take another step, and the Alliance supports the effort because “it’s not just the right thing to do. It will make Ontario better, today and in the future.” (h/t to Alliance member Clean Energy Canada for pointing us to this story)