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Majority of Canadians Say Climate Trumps Pipeline Development

More than half of Canadians see climate disruption as a moral issue and believe climate protection trumps development of the tar sands/oil sands and pipelines, according to a national telephone poll by Climate Action Network Canada.

In the March, 2015 survey, 61% of respondents—including 71% in Quebec, 67% in Ontario, and 60% in New Brunswick—said climate protection was more important than building the Energy East pipeline. Fifty-six percent agreed or strongly agreed that “building the Energy East pipeline to export tar sands oil is unethical because it is harmful to the environment,” against 18% who disagreed or strongly disagreed.

“By a margin of almost six to one (70% agree/strongly agree versus 12% disagree/strongly disagree), respondents said Canadians should be global leaders in protecting the climate by reducing our energy consumption,” Cleantech Canada reports. “Canadians also believe that individuals are morally obligated to take action in their daily lives to reduce carbon pollution (76% agree/strongly agree).”