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57% of Canadians Rank Federal Climate Efforts Poor or Very Poor

57% of Canadians believe their federal government has done a poor or very poor job of cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, against only 14% who consider federal efforts good or very good, according to a Nanos Research poll for the Globe and Mail.

But while 71% support or somewhat support new taxes on businesses that emit GHGs, and three-quarters want the federal government to take the lead on fossil fuel taxes, the majority would oppose new taxes on gasoline or home heating oil.

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“What this shows is that there is a general recognition in the Canadian populace that we are laggards when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas,” said Nanos Research President Nick Nanos. The results show that Canadians want to cut GHGs, but “on the other hand, they want someone else to pay for it, to bear the brunt.”