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Canada Contributes to Clinton Foundation While Lobbying for Keystone

Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development contributed $480,000 to the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation in 2014, at the same time that its website listed approval of the Keystone XL pipeline as a top priority, salon.com reports.

“While the Canadian agency’s $480,000 donation was not linked to energy or climate programs—it’s for a program that trains youth for jobs—it raises renewed questions about how foreign governments may use the Clinton Foundation to curry favour with the Democrats’ presidential frontrunner,” writes Deputy Politics Editor Luke Brinker.

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While Bill Clinton supports the pipeline, “Hillary Clinton has repeatedly refused to stake out a position on Keystone, citing the ongoing approval process.” As U.S. secretary of state, she initially signalled support for the project, but advised President Barack Obama not to expedite approval in 2012. (h/t to InsideClimate News)