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Energy Analysts Run Weekly Twitter Pool on Oil Rig Shutdowns

Energy analysts and reporters were spending some of their time on Twitter last Friday running a pool on the number of U.S. oil rigs that would shut down by week’s end.

In a series of tweets and retweets on the hashtag #rigcountguesses, Financial Post Energy Editor Chris Adams and several colleagues placed bets ranging from -32 to -100, and from -15% to “-a gajillion.” The actual count: -98 on the week, and -406 in the previous year, according to the weekly Baker Hughes Rig Count.

“Dang, so close,” responded FOX Business reporter Julie VerHage, who placed her bet at -80. “Don’t be shy,” Adams tweeted. “Easier to win at #rigcountguesses than #payrolls.” (h/t to Smarter Shift Social Media Advisor Karen Irving for spotting the hashtag)