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Google Buys 43MW, Invests in Bird-Friendly Wind Turbines

Google has signed a 20-year agreement to buy 43 megawatts of electricity from California’s Altamont Pass Wind Farm, and “will help Florida-based developer NextEra Energy invest in newer, larger, and more carefully sited wind turbines” to minimize bird kills in the Pass.

“A 2004 study found that the turbines killed thousands of eagles, hawks, owls, and other birds each year,” reported the Mercury News. “That problem is expected to lessen with the new machines, which will be more carefully situated, far fewer in number, and spin at higher elevations.”

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NextEra’s Golden Hills Wind project “is part of a much larger initiative to decommission more than 4,000 turbines on the Altamont and repower the hills with up to 280 more bird-friendly machines,” the News stated.