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‘Dizzying Pace’ Continues at Geneva Climate Talks

The Daily Tck continued its phenomenal on-the-ground coverage of this week’s climate negotiations in Geneva, reporting that talks “seemed to move at an even more dizzying pace” after a faster-than-expected start on Sunday.

“With each breath, government delegates continued to suggest additions to the document they’ll use as a basis for negotiations this year,” the Tck reports. “A larger negotiating text could complicate the path to a new global climate agreement in Paris, but many of the additions are in line with efforts our partners have long pushed for,” including a “just transition of the work force that creates decent work and quality jobs” advocated by the International Trade Union Confederation.

Delegates affirmed that a 2ºC limit on global warming is still possible, “but only if we see a massive additional boost in climate action on the mitigation side,” Wiese writes. “They also affirmed that even at 2ºC, we’ll need massive boosts in our capacity to adapt to and manage the losses and damages incurred by climate change.”

Discussion Tuesday was expected to turn to pre-2020 efforts to reduce carbon pollution and avert runaway climate change. “Our partners closely following this process singled out renewable energy, energy efficiency, and fossil fuel subsidy reform as the most promising issues for a 2015 focus,” he says, “making actionable links to the financial and technical support needed to ‘get the gears moving.’”