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Google Sees Big Future in Residential Demand Response

Google acquired Nest Labs and has since rolled out its Nest Rush Hour Rewards Program because it sees a bright future automated residential demand response, writes Sarah Battaglia at NRG Business.

“During some of the hottest days of the year, everyone demands more energy to stay cool,” Battaglia explains. “Consequently, the grid becomes clogged, making it difficult for utilities to distribute enough electricity in order to meet the needs of their customers. That’s where demand response programs make their appearance.”

Until now, demand response programs that adjust peak-hour energy use to available grid capacity have only been available to larger industrial and institutional customers, Battaglia explains. With Nest, Google can automatically adjust users’ home temperatures (with advance notice) and compensate them for better overall energy performance.

“That means no more running home to turn down your A.C., no more forgetting when to turn it down, and no more having to look up how long it needs to be adjusted,” Battaglia writes. “When the energy rush hour is over, your Nest will return to its normal schedule.”