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SolarCity Hires Obama Strategist to Run Grassroot Outreach

SolarCity announced before the holiday that it had hired former Obama campaign strategist Jon Carson to run its ambassadors’ program, a grassroot effort that offers customers a $250 credit for referring friends who sign up for rooftop solar systems.

“You can explain in one sentence how you can help a family switch to solar power over their current dirty energy. It’s a tangible thing that people can be a part of in their community,” Carson told the Post. “It’s building a network of people, a community of people, neighbourhood by neighbourhood.”

SolarCity also relaunched an app that helps customers connect with each other and explain solar to their online contacts. In his conversation with McFarland, Carson suggested some of the marketing scenarios that might emerge in the not-too-distant future.

“What if a soccer team tried to get a dozen families to switch to solar energy and used that referral money to pay for new uniforms?” McFarland writes. “Or neighborhoods could compete with one another to see who adopted solar energy quicker?”