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UK, Canada Surveys Show Public Concern About Climate

Nearly three-quarters of people in the United Kingdom support a global climate change deal and two-thirds see the need for immediate action, according to a survey released this week by the British government.

And in Canada, the CBC’s Margo McDiarmid reports, “50% of respondents are “extremely” or “definitely” concerned about a changing climate, and 78% of those fear the kind of legacy it will leave for future generations.”

The UK survey “reveals an appetite for action on climate change,” states a release from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, “with only 20% agreeing that it can wait a few years. But the survey also showed that just 40% of people recognize the potential impact of climate change on their lifestyle.”

The Canadian research marked the first time the Environics Institute for Survey Research asked a legacy question on its annual climate change survey. “It hit a nerve,” said Executive Director Keith Neuman. “The one about future generations was the one that elicited the strongest reaction.”