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U.S.-China Deal Puts Pressure on Canada, Australia

The U.S.-China climate agreement means that “Canada has run out of excuses for failing to reduce emissions,” said Pembina Institute Managing Director Chris Severson-Baker in a November 12 release.

While the U.S. is closing in on its 2020 emissions reduction goal, and has set a new target for 2025, Canada “is on track to miss the same 2020 target by 20%,” he wrote. “In other words, the Prime Minister promised Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions will go down, but the federal government is projecting they will go up.”

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With China “showing real leadership on climate change” and Canadian provinces like Ontario and British Columbia taking serious steps to reduce emissions, “introducing stringent emissions regulations for our oil and gas sector and ramping up investments in energy efficiency and clean energy technology must be top priorities” for the federal government.

In a similar vein, The Guardian reported November 12 that “Australia is under intense pressure to announce a target for post-2020 greenhouse gas reductions in the wake of the “shock announcement” by U.S. president Barack Obama and Chinese premier Xi Jinping. (h/t to InsideClimate News for pointing us to the Guardian dispatch)