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Crop Yields Already Falling Due to Climate Change

Corn (and the animals that eat it), coffee, chocolate, seafood, maple syrup, beans, and wine grapes are among the common foods that will be affected as global temperatures rise and extreme weather becomes the norm, The Guardian reported late last month.

“The general story is that agriculture is sensitive,” David Lobell of Stanford University’s Center on Food Security and the Environment told Greenaway. “It’s not the end of the world, but it will be a big enough deal to be worth our concern.”

“Lobell has already noticed the effect of climate change on some crops,” she writes. “Yield data from corn and wheat production suggest that these two staples are already being negatively affected by the changing climate. Similarly, fruit and nuts are also showing the impact of climate change.” Reduced yields lead to frequent price spikes that are already causing hardship and unrest in many parts of the world.