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100% Renewables is Doable, World Future Council Concludes

Based on a short series of local, regional, and national case studies, the World Future Council has concluded that a 100% renewable energy economy can save money, make countries more resilient, produce economic activity and jobs, and benefit poor countries as well as rich.

“Contrary to many arguments that transitioning fully to a renewably powered system would be too costly, case studies in this report demonstrate that the economics can be highly positive,” the report concludes. “A 100% target is technically achievable in any country or jurisdiction, regardless of economic strength or GDP,” with developing economies deriving “significant direct benefits” by replacing costly diesel fuel with renewable energy.

“Setting the 100% RE target is essential to catalyze action, and to mobilize stakeholders,” the authors advise policy-makers. “Establishing a target can help provide a clear political mandate for action, helping streamline the process, attract investment, and improve coordination across multiple different actors and sectors.”