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79% Support New York Fracking Moratorium; Most Want More Renewables

Support for a natural gas fracking moratorium in New York State “crosses geographic, ideological, and racial divides,” with nearly 80% of poll respondents supporting a ban, NRDC reports.

“Fully 79% of those polled support Governor Cuomo’s ongoing moratorium on new fracking in the state,” Sinding writes. “A stunning 92% of respondents are in favour of increasing the use of solar to meet the state’s future energy needs, while 89% support increased wind and 76% want more hydropower.” New Yorkers steadily supported renewables over coal, nuclear, and natural gas generation.

“While the oil and gas industry loves to trumpet the supposed economic upsides of fracking, New Yorkers aren’t being fooled,” Sinding adds. “Only 26% believe that fracking jobs will be permanent, or that new fracking will bring economic revitalization to the state.”