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Chinese Investor Plans 50 GW of Clean Energy in 10 Years

A leading Chinese photovoltaic investor plans to build 50 gigawatts of clean energy capacity in the next 10 years “by leveraging the entire supply chains that he controls in a number of energy efficiency and renewable fields,” PV-Tech reported late last month.

Solar’s “secret billionaire” Cheng Kin Ming, the majority shareholder in Shunfeng Photovoltaics, already holds an estimated $20 billion in solar investments, Parnell writes.

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“Clean energy brings a much brighter future for mankind and mother earth. Investors and entrepreneurs should be focused on this sector,” Cheng said in a recent address. “By investing in companies that together bring total solutions, we enable cities to transform the ways they grow and consume resources, and we can ensure a high quality of life for us and for future generations.”