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National Post Comments Editor Calls Out Climate-Denying Columnists

National Post columnists who deny and attack climate science are blinded by ideology, the Canadian newspaper’s comments page editor said earlier this month. “There are some colleagues I have who are what you may call ‘climate change deniers,’” Jonathan Kay told the CBC. “The one universal aspect is that they tend to be right-wing in their thinking, they see market-based solutions as the solution to enriching our society in every respect, and it bothers them, the idea that here’s this problem that cannot be solved with unfettered industrial activity.” In 2010, Kay singled out columnists Terence Corcoran and Rex Murphy, commenting that “one can’t help but be reminded of the folks who point out the fluttering American flag in the moon-landing photos, or the ‘umbrella man’ from the Zapruder film of JFK’s assassination.” (h/t to Dennis Schvejda/Newsana for first pointing us to this story)