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Cargill Announcement Leads Forest Commitments at UN Summit

A promise by Cargill Inc. CEO Dave MacLennan to make the company’s palm oil supply chains in Indonesia and Malaysia fully sustainable could be one of the leading results coming out of this week’s UN climate summit, Johnson writes. “We understand that this sort of commitment cannot be limited to just select commodities or supply chains,” MacLennan told the UN. “That’s why Cargill will take practical measures to protect forests across our agricultural supply chains around the world.” Although Johnson notes that the New York Declaration on Forests “is pretty mushy at this point,” it calls for an end to forest loss by 2030 and restoring forests and croplands in an area larger than India. “Meeting these goals would cut between 4.5 and 8.8 billion tons of carbon pollution every year—about as much as the current emissions of the United States,” according to a UN release.

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