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Canada on the Verge of a Clean Energy Boom

Canada is on the verge of an energy boom, and that boom will be all about clean energy, write Demerse and Woynillowicz, Senior Policy Advisor and Policy Director at Clean Energy Canada. “It took a critical mass of innovation, commercial viability, and political will to make Alberta’s oilsands the focus of Ottawa’s energy policy,” they say. “The same factors are converging now to make clean energy the next energy industry Cinderella story.” The article traces the often unacknowledged federal R&D support and direct investment that made the tar sands/oil sands industry a reality, noting that “the clean energy sector now finds itself in a situation remarkably similar to where the oilsands project was 25 years ago. The forces at play today include technology and cost breakthroughs that make clean energy increasingly competitive, as well as a rapidly growing domestic and global market for clean energy solutions fuelled by the desire of governments and citizens to reduce carbon pollution.”

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