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NRG’s David Crane: With Corporate America Leading the Charge, Time for Consumers to Embrace Clean Energy

It’s time for the public to get mad as hell about “our leadership and our society’s failure to address the challenge of climate change, notwithstanding the dire warnings of the world’s best scientists,” writes David Crane, CEO of NRG Energy. “But this movement doesn’t need to be manifested solely in people venting their frustration by screaming something pointless out the window. People can effect change by embracing clean energy solutions that will bring about a clean energy society.” Crane encourages readers to think about their own energy consumption, switch to renewable electricity, ask retailers and brands about their commitment to clean energy, and consider installing rooftop solar panels or buying an electric car. “If you act to embrace this sustainability challenge, I guarantee that you will have corporate America standing with you,” he says. “In the case of this social movement, at least—perhaps for the first time in history—corporations may be leading the charge.”