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Wacky Jet Stream Anomaly Pushes Summer Temperatures Out of Normal Range

From an unusual chill in central Canada to record heat in the east and west, extreme fluctuations in the jet stream are causing wacky weather across 5½ North American time zones. “It’s not unusual to see extremes” in summer temperatures, explained CBC meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe. “What’s notable this year is that the heat wave isn’t happening in Toronto or Ottawa or Montreal, which is where we normally see the rise in the jet stream.” Although it’s tough to link any specific weather anomaly to climate change, University of British Columbia climate professor Simon Donner said a warming climate definitely has an impact on the jet stream. “It’s possible that what we are going to see in the future is that the jet stream is a bit slower and a bit wavier,” he told CBC News. “Air is going to drag up further north from southern regions and cold air is going to be dragged further south, and I think that’s a little of what we’re seeing this summer.”