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Harper’s ‘Energy Superpower’ Vision Now Depends on Enbridge

With federal Cabinet ministers and Conservative MPs from British Columbia hiding out from media following approval of the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline, “the power to rescue the federal Conservatives’ vision on resource development now rests with Enbridge Inc.,” Munson writes. The regulatory hurdles and fierce, widespread public opposition facing the project “demonstrate how the Conservatives’ overhaul of regulatory and environmental laws two years ago failed to turn growth of the Alberta oilsands into greater export certainty.” It will take Enbridge 12 to 15 months to meet the 209 regulatory conditions laid out by the National Energy Board, but pushback against the project from First Nations, British Columbians, environmental groups, and scientists may be the tougher challenge. “We’re not going to be driven by our calendars here,” said Enbridge CEO Al Monaco. “We’re going to take this one step at a time.”