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McKibben, 350.org Host New York City Rally September 20-21

350.org founder Bill McKibben took to the pages of Rolling Stone this week to announce a massive climate change rally in New York City September 20-21, coinciding with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s leaders’ summit on climate change. “In a rational world, policymakers would have heeded scientists when they first sounded the alarm 25 years ago,” McKibben writes. “But in this world, reason, having won the argument, has so far lost the fight. The fossil-fuel industry, by virtue of being perhaps the richest enterprise in human history, has been able to delay effective action… So in this case, taking to the streets is very much necessary.” Just 24 hours after McKibben’s article appeared, 2,900 participants had signed up for the rally on Facebook, and more than 33,400 had been invited.

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