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Dwindling Millennial Work Force Could Limit Oil and Gas Growth

Canada’s oil and gas sector may soon have trouble attracting the geologists, engineers, technicians, and other high-priced professionals it needs to support its operations, according to the latest labour force survey by recruiting firm Hays.

“More than one-third of those professionals in Canada are Baby Boomers. And as they approach retirement, not enough young people are entering the sector to replace them,” The Tyee reports. “Years of public polling research in both the U.S. and Canada suggest that increasing numbers of Millennials now see the industry as outdated and polluting,” so that “a dwindling work force could ultimately limit the sector’s growth.”

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Oil and gas “used to be the place to go to have a great career that could take you all over the world doing exciting things,” said Jim Fearon, vice-president at Hays’ Canadian division. But today, Millennials represent less than 20% of the oil and gas work force. A separate survey commissioned recently by the publication Alberta Oil found that only 46% of Millennials consider the sector a desirable place to work, compared to 66% of people above 65.